RLI Scented Candles | ‘R(h)ome’ – Mimosa, Rose, Pomegranate and Amber


Mimosa flowers in a vase, the sun gently beaming through the windows.

Lazy afternoons at home, turning into cosy evenings.

Sensual notes of mimosa, rose, pomegranate and amber.

A warm, fragrant embrace.

Welcome to R(h)ome.

220 grams. Approximate burn time is 40 hours.

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RLI Candles 

Made with love and care: all candles are hand-poured in the UK.

The idea behind this collection was to create a selection of collectable, luxurious objects that you will want to treasure long after the candle wax is gone.

Collaboration with the incredibly talented Cecilia Carlstedt who created our bespoke illustrations.

he design and colours of each item are inspired by our founder’s fondest travel memories, and each scent is inspired by the local flowers and aromas.


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