Durance | ‘Starry Amber’ Candle


Christmas 2020 Natural Wax Scented Candle Starry Amber by Durance

An amber scent, with a refined fragrance, both oriental and mysterious. A warm scent with incense notes, sublime in a night and gold setting, which makes this Starry Amber fragrance a jewel for your interior.

As described by the Perfumer
Thousands of stars sparkle in the sky. A fragrance of amber and incense creates a soothing, sensual atmosphere

Natural Wax Scented Candles by Durance:

Handmade and decorated in our workshops in Provence, our candles are the result of true and traditional expertise with carefully chosen ingredients.

Burning Time : About 40h Season: Winter & Christmas Fragrance Family: Woody & Spicy

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