Durance Candle ‘Under the Pine Tree’


Christmas 2020 Natural Wax Scented Candle Under the Pine Tree by Durance

Bring a majestic fragrance to your home with our essential Christmas Tree scented candle. As the winter season approaches, what could be nicer than coming home to the wonderful woody scent of a real, freshly decorated Christmas tree?

Explained by the Perfumer:

An outdoor pine tree proudly lights up the courtyard with its finest lights. The night is filled with the fragrance of pine resin and needles

Natural Wax Scented Candles by Durance:

Handmade and decorated in our workshops in Provence, our candles are the result of a true and traditional expertise with carefully chosen ingredients.

Burning Time : About 40h Season: Winter & Christmas Fragrance Family: Woody & Spicy

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